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Welcome to AXDIA
AXDIA International GmbH has been active in the IT and consumer electronics field for eleven years, working with national and international retail sector partners to provide consumers with high-quality and innovative products with attractive designs. AXDIA, while consistently implementing the latest technological standards, offers an excellent price-performance ratio to address the widest possible customer base.
AXDIA goes far beyond the traditional role of a supplier and assumes responsibility across the entire supply chain, ranging from the development of an innovative idea to its production, logistics, sales and marketing, ending finally in customer support. In coordinating these arrangements, AXDIA works closely with its office in Shenzhen and has strong relationships with reliable partners. These relationships and international experience contribute to a seamless supply chain, whether through technological advice or manufacturing expertise.
AXDIA's wide-ranging service is directed towards both retail customers and the end consumer. Firstly, AXDIA aims to minimize the workload of trading partners, allowing them to focus entirely on the distribution of its products. Secondly, AXDIA looks to provide maximum support to customers in operating its products, such that repair or replacement can be initiated promptly if necessary.
AXDIA's two brands, ODYS and DYON, are successfully established in national and international markets, and are highly popular both amongst trading partners and with end users. The entire spectrum of AXDIAs activities also as official distributor for XIAOMI (Mi) products in germany covers a wide range of modern consumer electronics, such as TVs, Notebooks, Escooter and Wearables.

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